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LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—Reader Lokin wrote to tell me that he has recently started to experience “the awareness” (to use his words), but is concerned about how he slides in and out of “the bliss” and asked if I had the same experience and any advice.

When you first wake up, it can be, as I learned first-hand, quite tenuous. Luckily, I was in seclusion and surrounded by natural beauty, so that helped tremendously, but still, I ended up using a meditation that I found would quickly re-open me to the vastness of “Personless Awareness.”

Lokin (and anyone else who finds themselves in that slippery “kinda there” state), the meditation I used can be found here, with the background material here.

Hope it helps. 🙂

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  1. Wayne I have just discovered you while googling a powerful statement which would accompany my own inner search – which as a writer I find I need to write about (blog). So I am using one of your videos, linking my current blog to your web site. Hope you are OK with this? Of course I’ll take it down if you wish. Also it would be fun to link your site to mine – again if you feel it is appropriate. Thanks for what you are offering people. Cheers Lyn

  2. A child I know, who is learning the alphabet, delights in finding “Y’s” in tree limbs that fork and “O’s” in cereal bowl rims.
    I love that you find your face in a steadfast metal viewfinder who unflinchingly watches you take its portrait.

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