Sometimes The Fool

Yellow Flowers Closely

Yellow Flowers Closely

WICKHAM CP, FL—I finished my wings and the bartender asked if I’d like another beer and I/We/She looked around the tiny place—four people all immersed in their phones—and I said, “No, I think I’m out of here,” but then She added to the room at large, “You know, here we all sit, staring at our phones when each of us has a story to tell that could change the lives of someone else in this room” and I left a nice tip and walked out the door.

I don’t know why She/We/I said it, but that’s what came out of my mouth. That’s the way She works.

Sometimes I’m just the messenger—dressed like a fool.


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes The Fool

  1. Every time we open our mouths to speak is a sacred opportunity to take someone else’s mind down a different corridor of thought. Very special indeed. ( =

  2. I felt a sadness arise within on reading this as I saw this scene only 24 hours ago. Trapped in a plane and wanting to connect but at the same time wanting to remain anonymous.

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