The Answer To Questions Unknown

The Forgotten

The Forgotten

ROCKY SPRINGS CG, MS—Somewhere in the woods, the crows caw to each other, speaking in a language that only they understand. High in the trees, the squirrels scamper on thin and fragile branches, risking their lives to gather nuts not yet fallen. The sky is clear and the air is cold and Winter is coming.

Yesterday, after writing the last post, I closed my laptop and headed southwest along the Natchez Trace and found myself at a small free campground.

There is no internet signal here. No way to know how the last post affected the audience. No way to be influenced by commenters or any response by Adyashanti to my query—a question, which when clarified, could be stated as: What is the proper way to integrate Emptiness into the World?

This morning, I awoke to the vision of a Pendulum—and an answer.

After finishing this post, I’ll drive to a spot where there is an internet signal and uploaded it. This blog is about transparency—about truth as I live it unvarnished—so before I read any emails or comments that may affect my current thoughts, I’ll present what I have concluded, just as I experienced it, and just as it was written.

For the last few years I have been using Emptiness to “ground” myself—to enter it, to find stillness and openness and peace. But in there, with no boundaries and no self, I could find no motivation, no meaning, no landmarks. Nothing to help me function in the world, so I would contract back to the Radiance level, to a point I could operate from.

But that isn’t integration, it’s navigation—navigating the levels of Self—of God—to operate from a point that made sense.

And it worked for me for the last few years.

But lately it has been gnawing at me. It was the question, not yet formed, that was at the core of this mysterious post.

This morning I awoke to the vision of a Pendulum and in a split-second I had an insight—an understanding.

Imagine a pendulum where the top of the string represents Emptiness and the weight at the bottom is the physical body. The proper way to integrate (the answer) is to reside in Emptiness (the highest point), and to bring Radiance up the string, for Radiance is the Life Force, and to bring the Soul up the string, for Soul provides purpose, and finally to bring the Mortal up the string, for the Mortal provides drive.

But down at the bottom of the string—the weight of the Pendulum—lies the physical body, the vehicle used to function in the world.

Back in late 2009, when I first woke up, I tried to function from the highest level, the top of the string, but I was still “driving around” like I use to function in my previous life… abruptly charging about here and there and trying to get my way and to accomplish goals.

Now image the weight at the bottom of the Pendulum—my physical, incarnate life—and the effect on the weight when the string above is moved about so abruptly and erratically.

That flinging about created all the trials and tribulations that I experienced in 2010.

When God sneezes, hurricanes blow.

So I learned to adapt, to listen to Her whispers—the movement that arises in Emptiness and is heard in Radiance—but, because I didn’t recognize the truth of the Pendulum, I simply retreated down the string (from Emptiness to Radiance) in order to minimize the effects of the movement on the weight of my incarnate life. To minimize the swinging of the Pendulum.

This was the easiest way to adapt to Emptiness—and as I said, it worked for me up until now—but it was backwards.

In that split second vision of the Pendulum, this is what I saw: When God coughs, the Earth shakes.

At the top, there must be a harmony with all the levels.

I believe my practice is this:

Live from Emptiness and bring all the lower levels up into it. Bring harmony to them by letting the Emptiness and the Light suffuse them. To live with compassion for the incarnates selves that swing about as a direct result of the actions from above.

When God smiles, the Sun shines.

I have to learn to be gentle.

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4 thoughts on “The Answer To Questions Unknown

  1. A few days ago I caught up on your blog, it had been a while and it was a blessed day.

    I almost put a comment on one of your most recent posts, I didn’t I was told to hold my tongue, now I know why I was told not too make the post.


  2. One of the most beautiful photographs of a gravestone I’ve ever seen. The light & shadow, the colors, the contents of the text. Poignant. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Just heard two Breatharians on You Tube…. a married couple. After years of spiritual practice, the fellow said all is reversed from how he originally thought. Instead of the Sun giving us energy, he now feels His Lovingness feeds the Sun, which then radiates back upon Him.

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