The Beauty

Two Trees


I’m becoming more and more convinced that the Muse in us… is God in us.

I’ve been thinking about that idea a lot lately. It almost feels like this is a turning point in my “message.”

A few minutes ago, I awoke from a nap and—as I lay there—the scene above is what I saw out my window.

The light was diffused and surreal—an interesting, glowing shade of sepia. My eyes were drawn to an almost ethereal beauty in the two trees and I asked myself, “Why? Why are they so beautiful?” but I had no answer.

Why is there Beauty?

The Muse in us. God in us. Beauty perceived. A melody appreciated. A flavor savored. It’s all hooked together somehow. It hasn’t clarified yet, but I know it is a pathway to God Herself—a path that anyone can walk, where anyone can experience the Divine. Not as some distant and mythical figure separate and aloof, but as an intimate lover, an inherent part of us. God stirring awake within ourselves.

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10 thoughts on “The Beauty

  1. “It is by Beauty that all Beautiful Things are Beautiful.” Plato

    “Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth. That is all you know and all you need to know.” (Keats?)

    For exposition see Ken Wapnick’s workshop of similar title at: mp3 180 download

    Enjoy your posts.


  2. Another great post and great picture. I’ve been thinking a lot about what is ‘important’ and if what we feel is truly important on a deeper level is not also Her speaking. I also feel that if something moves us profoundly and really resonates, that’s also a connection with the Muse or God. Like a message perhaps…Does that make sense?

  3. Your words are inspiring to me exactly because you speak to the endless quest and aren’t dogmatic in your findings but share your thoughts and feelings in a way that resonates with fellow sojourners.

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