The Call To Solitude

Three Seagulls

Three Seagulls

GULF ISLANDS NATIONAL SEASHORE, FL—Yesterday, I drove all day and now sit at the beach along the Florida Gulf coast in the same spot as I sat about a month ago.

The plan yesterday morning was to explore the Texas Gulf coast, then gradually make my way westward.

The plan this morning, is to find a place for some extended solitude.

I’ve been actively “doing things” for the past seven months: My sister’s death, helping my parents move, buying and outfitting the van, rushing to see the leaves change, rushing back to avoid the cold, more work on the van….

All this activity has kept me from looking deeply into things which have been calling me for the last couple of months—things which are best addressed in solitude.

During this planned solitude, I may also take a break from blogging—haven’t decided yet. I’ve been blogging continuously since June 2008, even longer when you look at my older blogs (pre-2001), so a brief respite may be in order. Or not. Maybe I’ll just limit them to those “In-Nature” posts—or just photos. Who knows.

I’m thinking the Winter Solstice (December 21) is a good time to start. Somewhere between two weeks to two months of deep introspection.

More on this later. I’ve got some driving to do.

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5 thoughts on “The Call To Solitude

  1. I will miss your posts, I check for updates every couple of days and they are always interesting. But, completely understand the need. If you go, please come back. All the best!

  2. Appreciate some clarification here Wayne. As soon as you use the words ‘Deep Introspection’ there is an implication of ‘actively looking’ in a ‘deep’ way and perhaps even ‘articulating’. Whereas I suspect you may be ‘just sitting’ and perhaps falling into what seems like a ‘deep’ place ?

    On another tack altogether it is interesting how some people cannot tolerate being alone whereas the more spiritually inclined actually need that.

  3. @All: Thanks. I’ll be back. If you don’t already, subscribe to the blog via email or RSS and you’ll be notified when I start posting again.

    @Andy: Ironically, I wrote a post last night (prior to your comment) explaining just what I expect I’ll be doing. I’ll post it as soon as I find a photo for it.

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