The Case of the Vanishing Van

ROCK HOUND SP, NM—The reason I’m a mystic is because synchronistic events happen in my life all the time, and the only theory I can come up with in explaining these continuous, odds-defying, synchronistic events is that synchronicity implies God. Ergo, the mystic.

From today’s journal entry:

Date: January 21, 2013 5:09 PM 

The Case of the Vanishing Van

A bizarre “coincidence”: I moved camp back to Deming today because my brother is flying out to Mesa, AZ on Thursday and quite probably buying a teeny, tiny stunt airplane. He said he’d land here on the way back to FL to meet up with me and then, probably just to fulfill my death prophecy, crash us into a mountain or something.

The van I had been keeping my eye on, coincidentally, is also in Mesa, and has been listed for sale for the last couple months. Which got me thinking, “Since Jeff’s going to be in Mesa, why not leave the trailer in Deming, drive out to Mesa to look at and/or buy the van, then meet up with Jeff there?”

But the van mysteriously vanished from Craigslist sometime during the day. It was there last night, had been listed for at least two months, and this afternoon… poof, it was gone.

What are the odds?

I guess She really didn’t want me to get that van.


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7 thoughts on “The Case of the Vanishing Van

  1. Yes no doubt synchronicity exists! And yes sometimes it seems to hit us over the head. But to point to it everywhere and tie up all the knots …. Not sure if that is the best use of our limited minds …
    For example you could also have reported synchronicity if the van were still available after two whole months ( which is very unusual ) AND your brother coming to the same City …. Etc etc….
    As you know I rarely comment but strangely felt compelled to this time.

    Ps. Glad you are still alive and hope you stay that way – I think you are needed here for awhile. All the best

    • Thanks Joyce. But consider this: If everything is One, then isn’t that One—which consists of all these tiny little intelligent beings—vastly more intelligent (and more powerful, and caring, and …) than any of its (Her) individual “cells”?

      But seriously, I’m just relating things the way I see ’em. What more can I do? 🙂

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