The Chinook Temptation

The Tree Over the River

PERCHA DAM SP, NM—I moved camp yesterday, just down the road, out in the farming district. I’ve got an entire section of the park all to myself, everyone being across the way where the hook ups are. I like it like that.

There are lots of little birds here, doing what little birds do to occupy their time: chasing bugs in the mornings and evenings, spending their days chirping away outside my window, building nests for spring.

The trees here are huge and the breeze blowing through the leaves makes a wonderful sound. The birds and the breeze and the rustling leaves remind me of a little park in the Delta region of California I stayed in a few years back.

It’s really quite pleasant here. But…

1997 Chinook For Sale

Today I came across a Chinook RV on Craigslist, just a short two hour drive north in Albuquerque. I’m sorely tempted—sorely—but my plan is/was to buckle down, crank out code and build up my savings, while at the same time working on my next two books (an Amazon-friendly ebook version of Fading Toward Enlightenment, and the tentatively titled, The Awakening of a Mystic (sort of a FTE II)).


(Charging Station on right is now finished)

Plus I’ve recently finished building the trailer out just the way I want it, with a new easy chair, desk, cabinets, and charging station. Still…

The reason I’m contemplating the Chinook is the same reason I like the idea of the van (and I liked the idea of my original stealth camper): To go and stay (practically) anywhere without making plans—something fellow nomad Glenn has successfully done with a similar rig for a few years now. Something I often find myself envying.

But I’ve learned my lessons.

I’m not doing a damn thing until I hear Her whispers.

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10 thoughts on “The Chinook Temptation

  1. Boy have you got me confused. Why can’t you get by with fewer travel plans with your current rig? Maybe your angst just comes from finally having had your fill of the NM state park “prison” system. (It happens to the best of ’em.) You can do a lot of dispersed camping on public lands without plans, in your existing rig. Here and there you will resent the length of it. But it would take several years for that to turn into a real problem.

    The “go anywhere” meme of van camping can sometimes mean nothing more than urban boondocking. (Yuk!) But you were talking about watching birds build their nests. Why would you want to lower yourself to the 7/24/365 noise of urban boondocking?

    • I like it all Boonie! 🙂 Small towns, big towns, natural vistas, …

      But yes, for public lands, it’s the planning—caused by ignorance of good spots (which I’m grateful for your input btw)—which is the most time and energy consuming.

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