The Contraction and the Light

Contracting out of the Light

Contracting out of the Light

WICKHAM CP, FL—From the Emptiness, I contract. My sense of self forms out of the Nothingness/Everythingness and I become a thin-but-solid frame through which the Light shines forth (Radiance).

I’ll hear a question and I’ll contract a bit more and my sense of being becomes more personal, but still eternal and my values become less compassionate and more centralized (Soul).

Then my mind kicks in with its conditioned sense of self awareness and it asks “What does this person think of me?” and I’ll contract further into this body and false self and now the world is me and revolves around me and everything in my life is about me (Mortal).

But the Mortal contraction—in comparison to the Light—feels so dark and ugly and hard and selfish and self-centered that I quickly grow disgusted with it.

And in this disgust—in seeing this darkness, this me-thing—something reacts and the self-contraction softens and loosens and unclenches and I feel my boundaries expand and become less substantial and the process of contraction reverses to one of expansion and the Light returns in all its shining glory and I fade and dwindle and disappear and She becomes the Everything.

Expansion to Contraction to Expansion. The Light to the Self to the Light. The cycle repeats over and over and over as it has done for countless millennium—sometimes taking seconds…

Sometimes taking lifetimes.

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