The Day

The Eagle Awaits

CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—Just before dawn, three owls—as they do every morning—hoot into the darkness, calling the family to gather and nest and settle in to sleep for the coming day.

Soon, a small group of mallards arrive and float and bob on the calm water, ducking there heads below the surface as they feed on the plants and algae and minnows.

Two crows effortlessly fly straight into the wind, alternately using gravity and lift to propel them along.

Across the river, a lone bald eagle sits upon the cliff, still and silent, as he waits patiently for lunch to appear below.

In the afternoon, the small, skittish birds return to feed upon the dry grass outside my window, fleeing to the thorny brush when they sense danger—slowly hopping back out into the open only when they feel safe.

As the sun sets and the sky turns a deep, dark blue, a large flock of cranes fly high overhead in a sinuous V-formation, honking and calling as they return to their evening roost.

Twilight descends and, among the rocks in the cliffs, the owls awaken and the cycle starts anew—just as it has done every evening for the last hundred thousand years.

I’m here and then I’m gone and I stare up at the stars with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart as I contemplate the beauty of this moment in Eternity and I feel both insignificant and special all at once.

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