The Deserted Beach

The Sandbar Remains

The Sandbar Remains

WAVELAND, MS—The sandpiper eyed me, not certain if he could trust me or not and in the end decided the patch of shoreline at my feet wasn’t worth the risk. The sand here is startlingly white and fine and crisp and the air is still cool after the recent cold front, so the beach is deserted. Only the occasional car passes me as I sit in the van, typing this post.

As I recall, the Gulf Coast’s tourist season doesn’t start until spring, so I hope to have the beach to myself for much of my trip back to Florida.

Thanksgiving is in two weeks and I think I’ll try to make it back to the folks by then. Any day now, my niece should be bringing forth a new daughter into the world, so it will be nice to look in on them.

There are a few things I may or may not do on the van while in Florida, things that would make the rig a little more comfortable: Running water, a hot outdoor shower, an awning. These would make staying in one place—something easily accomplished out West—more enjoyable. But then, maybe I’ll wait. Serenity works well just as she is and I like the simplicity of her. We’ll see. I’m good at abiding—at waiting for Her whispers.

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