The Evolution of God



WICKHAM CP, FL—With the Fall Version of the rig practically done (I’m just waiting for my (third) refrigerator to arrive in a couple hours) my free time has increased—and in this stillness Her whispers are more readily heard.

Creativity and development require empty space to flourish. Whether you are working on a new book, a piece of art, or your spiritual growth, down time—mental empty space—allows your Inner Muse room to awaken… to dance and to sing.

I feel sorry for those whose lives are so busy, whether by choice or by circumstances, for they have lost touch with their Inner Muse. I feel even worse for those whom—fearful of the Silence—shun boredom and stillness as if they are an enemy of Life itself.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The God of the Bible, the Torah and the Koran has evolved. He no longer shouts down from on high His rules and His threats.

No. There’s enough noise in the modern world. Now She croons lovingly from within. From the stillness She whispers Her insights and guidance to those who are open and willing enough to hear.

To surrender to the Stillness is to awaken the Muse.

And the Muse within is God within.

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