The Final Florida Project

Aluminum Re-imagined

Aluminum Re-imagined

CORAL SPRINGS, FL—For the last two days my brother has been welding aluminum for me. Little pieces meticulously cut and melted back together to form a larger and more complex piece. Actually two larger more complex pieces: The front and rear arms of a ladder rack.

With the height of the Nissan NV at over eight feet, the roof, the solar panels and any storage hopes have been—until today—unavailable to me while on the road.

The main reason I wanted access to the roof is to eventually store a canopy or tarp up there to use as an exterior shelter or shade or awning for when I’m doing dispersed camping out in the wilderness. Shade on sunny days. Shelter on rainy days.

Of course there’s an added bonus to a ladder hanging off the side of your vehicle: it makes the van look like a commercial truck—a work truck. And that look adds considerably to the sleep-wherever-you-want stealth factor.

This concludes our special presentation of the Projects of Florida Trip. We now return to our regularly scheduled drifter/spiritual/mystical/photographer stuff.

Nissan NV Ladder Rack

Nissan NV Ladder Rack

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8 comments on “The Final Florida Project
  1. Reggae Ronnie says:


  2. Stephen Watt-Bonar says:

    shiny 8^)

  3. Dave says:

    Why didn’t you just get a telescopic ladder and store inside. Surely that is an invitation to break into the van for tools as well as affecting gas consumption. Looking at your pic , im starting to think you’ve lost it. Well done

    • Wayne (Wirs) says:

      When the the Mind and Reality/Her are in conflict, I’ve learned to listen to Her (or get screwed). Mind said telescoping or fixed RV ladder. She said the ladder rack. You can see which I chose, so yeah, I guess I am losing it. :)

  4. Carol says:

    Van jewelry!

  5. Jo Lightfoot says:

    I read this in Readers Digest long ago:

    A couple had a remote getaway cabin somewhere in the desert west or southwest that they visited every few months. No matter how well they locked up the place, it kept getting broken into (or even trashed) and their pantry raided. Eventually and sarcastically, they attached a note to the door as they left. It said something like “It’s open. Make yourself at home. Help yourself to whatever you need.” After that, their returns were almost always greeted by a clean house, notes of thanks, and extra food gifts in the pantry.

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