The Latest Game Plan

Overlooking the Lake

Overlooking the Lake

BLUEWATER LAKE SP, NM—I left Albuquerque yesterday to head for higher ground and cooler temperatures. I had intended to stay in Bluewater for only a day while I checked out some possible boondocking locations, but I didn’t find anything in the area that compared to the wonderful views and diverse foliage of the park, so I re-upped my annual pass and decided to stay a couple weeks.

The game plan, though tentative, is to spend spring, summer and fall in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, then work my way back to Florida for the winter.

While in Florida, I intend to buy a van or mini-bus and build it out as a go-anywhere second mobile home.

The idea is to put the trailer in storage during the warmer months while traveling and exploring in the van, then, during winter, staying at a campground near my folks in Florida while living out of the trailer.

Native Floridians make fun of the snowbirds who arrive every year all pink and pale on Thanksgiving then flee to the north (all dark and tanned) on Easter, so as a native, the irony of becoming one isn’t lost on me.


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4 thoughts on “The Latest Game Plan

  1. I plan on being a snowbird and an Gonna be damn proud of it! As a matter of fact I’m at JFK half way from Maine to Ft. Myers as I type this!!!!! 😉

  2. Are you talking about owning TWO motor vehicles?

    If so, wouldn’t it save you some money to convert your pickup truck into a traveling machine? It seemed like a capable and versatile machine.

    • No, just one. If I go the van/minibus route, I’d get one large enough to tow the trailer and get rid of the truck—but you imply a good point: that I could also just get a slide-in camper which, though it would not be as comfortable, would be a lot simpler.

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