The Lesson of Water

The Classroom

The Classroom

OLD RIVER LOCK, LA—I sit in my chair, high on a bluff, smoking one of my father’s old cigars. It’s been years since I smoked and I’m surprised at how good it tastes with afternoon coffee.

Down below, in the muddy river of a branch of the Mississippi, a curve in the bank creates a disturbance in the water and logs and branches, once flowing freely, get caught in a sort of limbo.

Feeling the force of the river moving rapidly by, they helplessly turn and swirl and bump into each other—mired in a circular whirling slow moving maelstrom of clutter and debris.

Further out, a snowy white pelican—aware of the dangers of mindless drifting—floats effortlessly on the current. One with the River, but separate.

The logs bump and rub and turn and swirl and gain no ground, but the pelican, content and at ease, is soon lost from sight.

I sit on the bluff, high above the water…

and watch this…

and learn.

Emptiness and Radiance and Soul and Mortal.

One but Separate.

The Mindless Maelstrom

The Mindless Maelstrom

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