The Look

Toward The Horizon

Toward The Horizon

GULF BREEZE, FL—I’ve been feeling oddly disconnected—adrift, directionless, aimless. I’m not working on anything solid, so no project, either of my own or in the consulting department, is occupying my mind.

And yet this state is not bothering me, nor is it even disconcerting. The Radiance flowing through Emptiness doesn’t have a personal agenda, so I’m just following the flow of Life, without self-concern or self interest—with only minor adjustments as Her whispers dictate.

For example, the other night I sat at a bar and had dinner and as the bartender was clearing my place, he asked if I wanted another beer and I said, “I don’t know,” and I pulled out a coin. “Heads is Yes, tails is No,” and I flipped the coin and everyone at the bar watched with fascination and it came up tails and I said, “No” and the bartender smiled and all the bar patrons chuckled and thought I was crazy.

And yet, as I was leaving, as I met their gaze, they seemed confused, seemed conflicted, because on each and every one of their faces, they had that look, a look I’ve come to know so well.

It’s a look which seems to say, “Maybe he’s not crazy. Maybe he’s not crazy at all.”

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10 thoughts on “The Look

  1. I’m confused too…
    (although not as bad as to not have another beer)
    …something like this: when thoughts are discovered at an earlier stage than previously seen, in my mind, there’s an almost overwhelming and slightly confusing well of potential thoughts bubbling down there
    (and then I come along and choose one line of thought, which defines me at that instant and keeps me [in?]sane)

  2. I no longer have to work for a living and I allow things just to happen or as you did, I will flip a coin. All my old habits,needs, wants, desires, expectations, and demands have disappeared, there is no difficulty at all now living among the humans. I love them all and am loved by all. I walk the planet in peace, and you sir are the same. Why would one want to live any other way.

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