The Maiden Voyage of Serenity

Out My Window

Out My Window

ST SIMONS ISLAND, GA—It seems kind of hokey, but I’ve decided to name the van Serenity. The name fits with the lifestyle I seek—the message I’m trying to share.

I crossed into Georgia a little before noon and with that crossing, I relaxed the Wayne-of-the-Dutiful-Son shell and made a conscious effort not to take on any new personas for awhile—to just open and allow and relax into Her.

I headed toward Jekyll Island, but was dissuaded when I saw the entire town had a six dollar daily entrance fee, what they call a “parking fee.” I turned around and followed US 17 north and soon found myself in Brunswick, GA.

Having had enough of urban environments over the last few months, I sought quieter refuge. As I write this, I am parked next to an old oak tree on Manhead Sound in a tiny county park on St. Simons Island. The spanish moss is draped and swaying from the branches and there is a soothing clanging as a line gently strikes the mast of a sailboat anchored just offshore.

Though the island is quite upscale and touristy, there are some parts like this that are both secluded and serene.

I don’t know where I’ll sleep tonight, I’ve seen a couple possible locations (a marina, a medical center) and a few noisier, yet more certain locations (Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, …), but I’ve yet to decide.

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4 thoughts on “The Maiden Voyage of Serenity

  1. I hope that is named after Firefly too.

    I really like that van (the height is a huge plus). I agree the surrounding windows seems nice. I also want to try a minimal customization.

    You mention you have good luck on bad roads. Is the clearance an issue at times? It doesn’t look like it has great clearance but maybe that is deceiving.

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