The Mystic Drifter

The Thresholds of Marion I

The Thresholds of Marion I

PISGAH NF, SE of JONAS RIDGE, NC—I’m starting to get the hang of being a drifter.

I left Marion, NC this morning after writing some code, and drifted up to Spruce Pine with the intention of hanging out in a coffee shop I’d heard about, but being Sunday in the Bible Belt the shop was closed so I consulted my maps and listened to my heart and drove eastward toward a forest road that might, just might have Verizon coverage and some decent sunlight and I found an empty trail head with an internet signal but no sun so I’ll stay a day—maybe two—and then head onward to Boone because Boone’s calling me and then…?

To be a drifter, you can’t be too focused, can’t make set-in-stone plans and I like the feel of that, I like the freedom it offers. I had originally thought to hit each of the four corners of the lower 48 on the solstices and equinoxes—Key West on December 21, San Diego on March 20, Bellingham on June 21, and Caribou, Maine on September 22—but though I like the route, I don’t like the deadlines. Though the symmetry appeals to my mind, the time restrictions don’t appeal to my soul.

So I’m sitting here contemplating where next? and I’m thinking, because I need to see the family down in Florida before I head out on this American circumnavigation, I’ll either take the Natchez Trace route south and around or the NC Outer Banks around and south and I don’t know which (for they both have their appeal) so when I’m ready to leave Boone, I’ll roll a die and let Her decide—if it’s odd I’ll travel via Natchez, if it’s even, the Outer Banks.

Either way is fine by me.

The Thresholds of Marion II

The Thresholds of Marion II

The Thresholds of Marion III

The Thresholds of Marion IV

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3 thoughts on “The Mystic Drifter

  1. You know, Wayne, it is easy to see the attractions of the nomadic life. ‘I’ did a lot of wandering as a youth – very formative it was, and a road trip across and around the States is still on my bucket list. And yet, there is an element of ‘the windscreen is my TV’ about it. Singin’ la la la la la-la-la la.

  2. There’s a very big ashram in Boone, I would check it out if I were you and had time for the trip, it’s supposed to be quite beautiful. It belongs to Art of Living, which I had previously been involved with in another ashram.

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