The Nature of Spirit and Water

Columns And Clouds

Columns And Clouds

CORAL SPRINGS, FL—It’s amazing how seemingly simple things often turn out to be long and drawn out and complicated.

The search for spiritual awakening is a good example. Oddly enough, so is rigging running water in a van.

In spiritual awakening, all you have to do is see through the personal self. Sounds like a piece of cake.

Plumbing a van, all you have to do it hook up a water pump to push water from point A to point B. No problem.

Minds are stupid that way. They like to think they’re so smart.

So when Reality doesn’t quite match up with Mentality, if you take your mind too seriously it will lead to some serious frustration.

In the quest for Awakening I tell people not to listen to theory and mental stuff too much, but to live the teachings—actually practice living as a Soul and Radiance and Emptiness.

Now my mind said I’d be able to get the water running in the van in a day—piece of cake. Water from point A to point B, nothing to it. Today ends Day Two and I’m still not done.

Stupid minds. Seriously—never take them seriously.

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2 thoughts on “The Nature of Spirit and Water

  1. Re Ernie: My wife would hire people to keep from hearing what I said (@#%!) during maintenance jobs. 😉

    I’m trying to remember a quote from Leonardo, apropos of the blog post:

    “The supreme misfortune is when theory outstrips practice.”

    Something like that. Indeed.

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