The Shadow and the Light

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PERCHA DAM SP, NM—I had been working hard during the last few days, coding a complex and challenging project, but that was completed and uploaded and closed, so I sat on my doorstep and pushed away this Wayne-thing and expanded into the night.

It was a dark night, the moon still below the horizon, the stars bright. To my right, I sensed a movement—a large shadow within a shadow. My mind tried to interfere, to present its noisy theories and fears and explanations, but I pushed it away and I opened and expanded and watched.

The shadow moved forward, silently, aware of me—as I was aware of it.

It crept closer, stepping onto my ground mat, and because of the darkness and the angle and the mat, its body merged with the blackness and it became invisible.

My body started to contract in reaction, and my mind wanted to shout and grab a flashlight and find out what this creature was, but I pushed those thoughts away, took a deep breath and relaxed and expanded and opened.

In the darkness, I heard the creature take another step forward, pausing, listening. Then the sound of sniffing and I felt its breath on my hand. Seconds later, a gentle tickle, and its tongue licked my skin and my eyes dimly made out the faint image of a deer’s head.

I reached out and touch him, and stroked him and scratched behind his ears. I could feel two stubs upon his crown, future antlers, not yet having broken the skin.

My mind presented two theories, one that he was used to people and looking for handouts, the other that, like the birds just prior to the Illumination, he sensed something different in me—the openness, the lack of malice. The Connection.

What the mind says and theorizes and believes is irrelevant to me though. I heard its theories and I pushed them away.

As I sat there in the darkness, petting the deer’s dry fur, I felt the smile on my face and I was so grateful to Her for bringing me this gift, so in awe of the Beauty manifest—of the Light brought to life.

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  1. There ya go Again…… Allowing fear to dissolve into wonder…. Now taking pictures with your fingers of deer fur in the dark. This heart feels higher.

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