The Wet And The Dark And The Hot

The Faucet Finally

The Faucet Finally

CORAL SPRINGS, FL—Many of the projects for which I came back to South Florida for are now complete—or at least their first incarnation is.

The Wet

I’ve now got a fully functioning sink and running water. I’m using two six gallon jerry cans of fresh water which drain into a seven gallon water container. I’m using a drinking water faucet because it has good clearance and isn’t obtrusive.

You may notice that I also have a sprayer faucet. I attached an extra long hose to this faucet, and—since the sink is toward the rear of the vehicle—when I stand behind the van and open the doors, I can use the sprayer as a shower head. I think this will work out well while camped in the wilds where privacy isn’t an issue.

The Dark

I also bought a few yards of indoor/outdoor carpet (the fabric kind, not the astro turf stuff) to act as black-out curtains. I specifically looked for rubber-backed carpet so that when I cut it to fit the windows it wouldn’t fray. So far, so good. I hold it in place with new and improved pouch magnets. A pouch magnet is a super strong magnet (now) sealed in an envelope of duct tape. The “pouch” makes them easy to attach to fabric and/or detach from the metal van walls.

The Wave 6 Heater

The Wave 6 Heater

The Hot

Finally, I mounted and hooked up my new catalytic heater. Though I may have been able to get away with the smaller Wave 3 model, this one, the Wave 6, can put out twice the heat while still fitting in a small space. Currently it is mounted directly on the wall of my white cabinet and pointed toward the easy chair, but I may later—if needed—mount it on a hinge so that the heater can also be turned to face the bed at night.

Jeff Welding Aluminum

Jeff Welding Aluminum

The J

Pictured above is my brother Jeff welding a custom piece of aluminum for the latest (and hopefully last) Florida project. While Morrissette has his Q, I’ve got my J & M (brother Jeff and nephew Michael). Every van dweller should have at least one mechanically proficient friend with a big heart and a well equipped garage—it makes tackling tough projects so much easier than trying to go it alone.

Alms For The Poor

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