This Is Going To Hurt

The Dark and the Light of Skies

The Dark and the Light of Skies

WICKHAM CP, FL—You’re going to be tested. You’re going to fail. Everyone does. It’s a human archetype. The heroes of history and stories always fail… at least at first. And while the hero is failing, he doesn’t know if he’ll later succeed or not (and the truth of the matter is, he may never succeed).

As you fade (the less there is of you, the more there is of Her), you are going to be confronted with a series of no-win situations. I don’t know why (though I can come up with a number of theories), but I do know you will be tested. It’s an archetype. It’s a component of your evolution. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is.

You will face a series of choices—left or right, option A or B, the Light side or the Dark—and no matter which choice you take, you know it’s going to hurt. You know you are going to regret it. And in this knowing you are right. It is going to hurt, and you will regret your decision.

Either choice—any choice—is going to suck because on some level, on multiple levels, you are going to fail and it’s going to hurt like hell.

I know, you’re waiting for me to offer a fix, a solution, a way out, but that’s not going to happen because I don’t have one.

But I do know that if you want to succeed, you’re going to have to go through these trials. You are going to have to fail. I don’t know why these trials are inevitable, but I do know it’s part of human evolution. It’s why so few people wake up—when the going gets tough, most spiritual seekers turn around and run back to the comfort and safety of the Known.

I can offer you this though: It’s temporary. You picked this life to confront these challenges and if you do turn back, that’s OK since you’ll learn something about how serious you are about your quest, whether you’re ready for this or not.

And if you are willing to take the beating, that too is temporary and the more often you fail, the easier it will be to take these failures and soon the challenges will stop being challenges because you will no longer resist them—you will no longer fight them or try to control them.

When you stop resisting—when you finally master your lessons and learn to flow with the Divine—you’ll awaken to the beauty and joy of spiritual surrender.

You’ll awaken to the eternal Stillness at the center of the eternal Chaos.

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6 thoughts on “This Is Going To Hurt

  1. Pain only has one purpose… “to get your attention”. What you do with it almost always takes you down incomprehensible numbers of corridors of thought. I often wonder if people knowingly go into the corridor of stillness or do they just sort of stumble into it ? What do you think, Wayne ? I’m pretty sure my first attempt was a stumble. ( =

  2. yes, it’s a tempering process and seems, as you say, wayne, unavoidable. but, until we wake up, it’s what we are here for, it’s something like our job as human beings to suffer and to learn the meaning of that suffering.

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