Thoughts and the Light

Overlooking A Field

PERCHA DAM SP, NM—I’m working with Michelle on the upper levels of Radiance, on helping her separate her Self from her thoughts. Here is some advice I recently gave her:

I’m sitting here looking out my screen door at a robin, sitting up in a tree, chirping away. Even though my mind is full of problems and concerns and decisions (as minds are designed to work on), as I look at the robin, it feels sooooo intimate. Almost as if I’m holding him in my hands. Almost as if he’s a part of me.

You (the Light flowing via your perception/focus) and the mind (and all the crap in it) are not the same thing.

Yet when I address those problems and concerns and decisions of the mind, I (because I am focusing on them) BECOME them. That too is natural and expected. Just as the robin felt like a part of me when I’d focus on him, so too do the thoughts in the mind when I focus on them.

Relationships, stress, decisions, all that stuff “invades” you when you focus on them. This is just natural, so don’t try to “fix” it. Just when you feel you are getting too caught up in them, turn your attention away from them and focus on some physical thing near you.

Hope this helps.

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