Tracy Michelle Wirs

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

WICKHAM CP, FL—At 10:18pm on the night of 5/29/2013 my sister Tracy left her body and hung out in the hospital room until my mother and I could get there. Though my mother couldn’t see her, I pointed her out, hovering just in front of the ICU video camera. I said my goodbyes and stepped out of the room so Mom could have some private time with her.

I felt a deep mixture of both happiness and sadness, and I’ve continued to feel that odd mixture ever since. Glad that my sister is free from the difficult life she suffered, but deeply sad for my mother’s pain.

And so it goes.

Though I have no interest or desire in becoming a “soul whisperer,” just a few moments ago I checked in to see how Tracy was doing and was surprised that she is giddily happy, hanging out and playing with a whole group of children who are also awaiting their parents (though my sister had a genius level IQ and was physically 49 years old, she pretty much stopped growing emotionally at 7 years of age).

Be well Tracy, I love you and we’ll see you soon.


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14 thoughts on “Tracy Michelle Wirs

  1. The Sufi Poet Hafiz… he always helps…


    These candles, our bodies, see how they burn.

    How many hours will they last–days, months,

    Look at the warmth and comfort we can give
    to each other or to anything that comes close.

    One of the components of lasting art is a spirit
    flame within the created

    that can ignite inspiration and hope, and survive
    time’s ways.

    You and your family are on my heart. Take care.

  2. That was a beautiful post Wayne! You said it all….I’m wondering what you meant by her emotionally being 7….??

  3. Sending, peace filled and loving thoughts for you Wayne and the family Wirs.

    “Four Winds”, Whitewolf

  4. Wayne,
    Thank you for sharing. Collectively we extend our flames to light her way and send love to you and your Mom.

  5. “From the world to the dreaming fields of light….where the birds can’t reach, no words can teach.” ~ Peter Murphy

    Sending love!

  6. Wayne,
    Sorry for your and your mother`s loss. Have you always had the ability to see souls though? It must bring at least some comfort.
    I guess this is maybe not the time for this, but it made me think once more of my own mortality, and the fact that I`ve had a pretty bad drink problem for a decade or so.
    I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to be free of this. I know there is AA, but somehow I`d much rather make peace with things and my spirit than just TALK about it at meetings.
    I have faith you may have a new take on things….

  7. Peace,Love & prayer for you & all members of your family. It is unnatural to out live any of your children.this is not a time for your mother to be alone. God Bless & comfort you all.

  8. Nice post. I love the accompanying image: just like life and our spiritual journeys – unclear at the bottom and focalized at the top.

  9. =.^~^.= Oh my no. I can’t believe it.

    I know that you had been having a rough time in life and I had known you for a fair few years online. I was wondering for some time why you had vanished from Twitter.

    Who will wield the Hooj Frying pan now ?

    Condolences and sympathies to all RT family and friends.



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