Two Lessons That Can Change Your Life

Flower Looking Away

Flower Looking Away

WICKHAM CP, FL—My life is not my own. It’s 2:00am and a couple hours ago I went to bed but She told me to tell you this so I’ve gotten up and here I am…

A couple hours ago I was at that tired-but-not-ready-for-bed state so I opened up my iPad to play a game of Spider Solitaire and as my finger went to press the icon I found it hovering over the Cryptograms icon instead.

The conversation in my mind went something like this: “No, Solitaire is over there” and a doubt “Isn’t that odd? Maybe She’s got an encoded message for me in the Cryptograms. Don’t be stupid, you sound like a superstitious fool” and I opened the Solitaire but She whispered a little louder and I closed the Solitaire game, went back to the Cryptogram, opened it, solved it, and was both surprised and not with the solution:

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

—Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Which of course fits perfectly with what She/We/I have been talking about lately (see Fully Realized Mystic and Removing Yourself from the Equation).

So there are a couple of lessons here (for you and me both it seems):

Don’t just read them and dismiss them. If you contemplate them, if you really think about them, then they will change the very course of your life.

Seriously. Good night.

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One thought on “Two Lessons That Can Change Your Life

  1. you know, wayne, a while back you were worrying (in an enlightened way ;)) about not having a focus which explained why you were not eckhart tolle or one of the other mainstreamers, but it occurs to me that you do have a focus. it’s she, she is your focus. you keep coming back to her again and again and it’s having the same kind of positive head-banging effect on me as ‘now’ did/does. write all about her wayne and see what happens.

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