Watching The World

Hemingway's Study Reflected In A Mirror

Hemingway’s Study Reflected In A Mirror

CORAL SPRINGS, FL—I ended up boondocking two nights in the middle of Key West. During the day, I did the tourist things of strolling Duval Street, eating lunch at Sloppy Joe’s, buying a new pair of sandals (leaving my old ones for the homeless), and touring Hemingway’s house (but no past life vibes, dammit).

Yesterday evening, while just sitting in the cargo area of the van—hanging out with the door open, eating a sandwich with my feet dangling out the door and just watching the people stroll by—a guy pushing his bike looped back around and, not speaking English used hand gestures to ask if I had a bike pump for his flat. Using the tire pump attachment for my drill-tool-thing I had him back on the road in just a couple minutes. He was thrilled and grateful and very happy (he rode by twice, waving and smiling and thanking(?) me in Czech).

A few minutes later, a guy and his dog walked by and started up a conversation. He lived just off shore on his tiny boat—had lived in that spot for five years—and was telling me one story after another about the various drama involved in living on a boat in a small bay in Key West.

Many of the people strolling by seemed to know him (or at least Pepper, his dog) so I got to meet a few of the locals. Pepper loves people, but hates small wheels, so—though she would leave bikes and strollers alone—she would chase down anyone on skates or a skate board. She hates small wheels. Can’t stand them.

So it was an unexpectedly full evening last night, just sitting in the van, dangling my feet out the door, and watching the world go by.

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