Wayne’s No-No-Self

No-Self Dangling His Feet Out The Van Door

No-Self Dangling His Feet Out The Van Door

OWL CREEK PARK, TEMPLE, TX—JimH linked to a couple videos of Tony Parsons in the comments of the previous post on No-Self, and as I was watching them, I was reminded of what I see as weaknesses in most nondual (No-Self) teachings. The following are just my opinions, not written-in-stone truths:

  • It is too hard to go from ego to No-Self. The chasm between them is just too vast. Fading/weakening of the ego seems a much more effective practice.
  • The constant denial of Self. There are no No’s in Oneness—only And’s.
  • The lack of supporting evidence. Just as there is no evidence of the ego or Self (which nondualists adamantly deny), there is no evidence of No-Self—of things just happening without a do-er.
  • Evidence of the God. Because synchronicity implies a divine do-er (Her/God), there’s at least evidence of a communication/unity between Self and Her/God (Mystical Oneness and the duplex personality). The implications of a living, interacting God are almost too profound to put into words.

I love the feel of the videos though—all the stillness and silent pauses and calmness (and you see this attitude all the time in popular teachers)—but I’m just not convinced that the message “There is no You,” is 100% accurate (maybe 50% accurate). More importantly, I don’t think, “There is no You (so what does anything matter)” is what the world needs hear (or be practicing) right now.

But then there’s also a complimentary aspect here, something else I intend to listen to on my retreat: What goes on in the head is not important, so don’t take any of this too seriously. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Wayne’s No-No-Self

  1. Very interesting Wayne. This is something I have been sitting with: “‘I’ does not exist, so nothing matters”. As to the latter, although it provides an ultimate perspective, there doesn’t seem to be much point in being ‘in the story’ and not going with it. That is akin to paying for a cinema ticket and then sitting there scoffing at the characters and the drama on screen, is it not ? Acting “as if there is an ‘I'” is surprisingly straightforward and I have also found physical pain to be an effective ‘reality check’.

  2. Wayne,
    Thanks for this great post. It has helped clarify a couple of things for me. I also love the feel of Tony Parson’s videos, but have been troubled by the apparent extremism of his no-self teachings to which I can’t quite relate. Especially since some other teachers who inspire me greatly, such as Peace Pilgrim, or Joel Goldsmith (of course even with them I come across the odd note that jars) seem to be saying something different.
    Anyway, I’ll see if my own winter contemplations lead me to any new insights. Thanks again and ‘see’ you next year! 🙂

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