What Goes On In My Head Is Not Important

Fungi on the Forest Floor

Fungi on the Forest Floor

WINGED DEER PARK, JOHNSON CITY, TN—With this new lifestyle, with this directionless state, with this stealth sleeping, all these new experiences have stirred up a far noisier mind than I’m used to.

This is a good thing as it is a powerful reminder of one of the key things that woke me up in the first place, and everything you need to know to step through the Gateless Gate:

What goes on in my head is not important.

Nine words, which when sincerely believed and taken to heart, will enlighten you.

That’s a powerful claim, but it is true. If you stop taking your thoughts seriously, if you stop identifying with your thoughts (believing that you are your thoughts), then you will wake up.

If you’ve been practicing Radiance—seeing yourself as a portal with Light/Love shining through you, then make those nine little words your mantra while visualizing lifting and dropping away the you/portal/me-me-me-thing.

What goes on in my head is not important.

Tell yourself this throughout the day. Remind yourself of this when you are feeling self-conscious or anxious or self-serving or overly desirous.

This is not a sit-on-you-ass-with-you-eyes-closed practice. This is a get-out-there-in-the-world-and-do-it practice. This is Life lived from the Source.

You are not what goes on in your head.

You are not your thoughts.

Important: Don’t try to define what you are (that’s just more “in my head” stuff), just realize…

What goes on in my head is not important.


The Frog Master knows. He knows that what goes on in your head is not real.


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  1. Thanks for this post – and thanks also for not quoting every pop culture new age-y philosopher out there. I like that these are your words spoken from your experience, with honesty.

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