What Lies Behind

Frog on the Screen Porch

Frog on the Screen Porch


Hi Wayne,

Your writing continues to speak to my very being, as though I cannot utter a question with respect to enlightenment and my own journey without you answering it.

Thanks Again,


My ego would love to take credit for the common, mystical trait (usually attributed to gurus), of saying just the right thing at just the right moment—but it has nothing to do with me and all to do with Her.

About my A Day in the Life of a Soul post, my mother said that it reflects exactly how I am, but I think what she was commenting on was the openness and allowing within me which really isn’t me but a relaxing of the “me.”

Modern science says that all these things we see and feel and hear are just patterns of a swirling energy—that, from a purely scientific viewpoint, there is only the Universe and all the individual parts are just an illusion of perception.

In the same manner, your intelligence, the inner “you” that does all the thinking and feeling and seeing must therefore also be an “illusion of perception” and that this swirling pattern of “you” (your inner sense of self) is just a part of a much more massive Intelligence (what I call “Her”).

She, this Intelligence, is the seed and the source and the core of “you”, but—just like glass bends and filters light—the illusion of perception (the ego, the sense of self) bends and distorts Her intelligence and comes out the other side as “you.”

Sunlight -> Glass -> Diffused light

She -> Sense of Self -> “You”

Nathaniel—though he may not have realized it—was commenting on Her actions, not mine.

My mother—though she may not have realized it—was commenting on the opening within me, not me-this-Wayne-thing.

Your body is the glass. Your sense of self is the dust coating it, and Her Light—which is bent and filtered through your sense of self—is “you.”

Don’t add more stuff to your sense of self. Don’t block Her Light. Don’t improve. Don’t be your roles or titles. Don’t blindly follow rules or dogma or teachings. Don’t cling or grasp or try to control. Don’t make yourself stronger. Don’t darken or bend Her awareness-through-you any more than you have to.

You don’t need to polish the glass, you don’t need to clean it. Just stop adding to it. Let the dust dry up and blow away on its own.

Surrender. Be open. Let go and allow.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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2 thoughts on “What Lies Behind

  1. A bit off topic, just wanted to comment about how the Frog as a symbol conveys Transformation, Metamorphasis, and has been steeped in Christian lore as a symbol of the holy trinity and resurrection because of its three stages of egg, tadpole and frog. Thought it fitting to your personal story Wayne.

    In Japanese, the word kaeru means both Frog and Return! It is tradition that travelers wearing a frog amulet can expect to RETURN HOME safely.

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