Which Way?

Knot Hole

SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—With the weather starting to warm up nicely, I’ve been contemplating my next moves (literally). My NM annual park pass has expired, but I’ll probably renew it so I can focus on writing code. The nice thing about the pass is that it pays for itself in three weeks—after that, it’s all free camping.

I’m due to leave here on Tuesday. In national forests, you are allowed to camp in one spot for up to two weeks, but what that really means is that you’re allowed to camp for two weeks after a ranger has come by to visit, and that will be Tuesday for me. 🙄

I’ll probably stay a week or two on some BLM land I’ve scoped out just west of Socorro, then head up to Albuquerque for a little casino camping to get my city fix in.

Tough life, I know.

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3 thoughts on “Which Way?

  1. Since there is no incentive to renew it IMMEDIATELY, why not let it lapse, just as an experiment? You can always buy another one if you lose interest in the experiment.

    • Thanks Boonie. Actually, my pass has expired. What I found out last year, purely by blind luck(?), is that when you purchase your pass, they give you the rest of that month free. I bought last year’s on the 1st and that amounted to a 13 month pass. So I’m kinda biding my time until the first week of May.

      Still, I expect I won’t do the NM parks full-time. Unlike you and Randy, I don’t have a cache of great boondocking spots that fit my needs (mainly strong Verizon), but I am building those up as I find them.

      My main challenge is that in hunting out great spots, it takes me away from my work schedule which often demands “drop everything and get on this right away” requests—which though annoying, pay well. But this “on demand” schedule doesn’t play nicely with unverified camp spots that may or may not allow me to get a good internet connection.

      I can live with it. Every benefit entails a cost.

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