Why You Picked This Life

White Picket Fence and Flowers

White Picket Fence and Flowers

WICKHAM CP, FL—Each life has its challenges: Some are physical, some are emotional. Some are financial, some are spiritual.

You didn’t pick this life to be easy.

You picked this life to grow.

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7 thoughts on “Why You Picked This Life

  1. When we look at what is happening in the World, most of us (perhaps especially in ‘the West’) nevertheless consider ourselves fortunate.

  2. “You picked this life to grow.”

    On what exactly do you base that statement as to the purpose in life is to “grow”?

    Also, how do you know “you” picked your life and you are not a game character created for the purpose of entertaining somebody else (or teaching them, or making them “grow”)? It could be that thing (soul/universal mind/ whatever) you call as “Her”.

    • She pretty much wrote this post, but…

      Just like you as a person/Mortal have a sense of continuous self, so too does the Soul (according to my past life experiences which you should take as “belief” unless you’ve experienced them for yourself). And the Soul’s purpose is to re-unite with Her/Source and it can’t do that without a body (you can’t think your way into evolving). Ergo, you come back to grow (evolve with the purpose of merging with Her).

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