Yoga Tube

The Steam and the Coffee and the Morning Light

LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—From my journal

Date: February 12, 2013 7:16 AM 

Yoga Tube

After a long 5am introspection, I got out of bed to do my yoga (I alternate between exercise days (25 pushups, crunches, and squats) and yoga days (5 sun salutations)).

Today, as I stood in the first pose (standing straight, hands in a child’s prayer position), I suddenly found myself doing the “tube meditation” which was a part of my “staying in Oneness” meditation that I used during my awakening, but standing rather than sitting. (Edit for readers: The “Earth Phase” of this meditation.)

I stood there, and with each inhalation, I imagined an air bubble rising up from the ground, through the feet, up the spine, and cresting at the top of my head. On exhale, the bubble would burst above my crown.

I did this for a few minutes—not just visualizing it, but feeling it. It was physically affecting my body as my stance would become more stable with each inhalation (your feet are butted together, making this stance a bit unstable).

I then did a single, slow sun salutation.

Moments later, as I poured hot water over my mornings coffee’ grounds, the sunlight streamed in the window and caught the steam gently swirling in a beautiful dance, only to disappear and unite with the air and I thought,

“That is how I feel right at this moment… both separate and one with the world—a living, breathing being somehow living in both worlds simultaneously.”

I’m going to have to practice that stance/meditation more often.

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6 thoughts on “Yoga Tube

  1. This post was quite apropos for me. Shortly after I read your description of the tube visualization exercise, I started using it during the savasana at the end of my studio yoga practice. The Vinyasa and Bhakti flow classes I take at the local studio are in a hot room and are quite rigorous. At the end of a 75 minute session, my body is in a very receptive state and I have had several experiences of non-separateness. When I “imagine” that my boundaries are indistinct and merge with the ALL, I sometimes am able to “realize” that my boundaries are indistinct and merge with the ALL. As always, thanks for your posting Wayne.

  2. Hi Wayne. Just found your site. Congrats on your enlightenment. I look forward to reading your offerings and books.

    I did the full Inner Circle Holosync program for seven years, listening to the CDs every night. It seemed to shake things up at first, but now that I am done, I don’t feel that it completely lived up to the hype. But, I’m sure it didn’t hurt.

    I have had the desire to become awakened and UNDERSTAND most of my life. The quest to empty the mind goes on. Hopefully, I can find my frog soon. 8^)

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