A Broader Strategy

A Boat of Still Waters

A Boat of Still Waters

ARLINGTON, WA—In my last post, I hope you didn’t take it as if I thought Mystical Oneness was impractical or selfish. Not at all. I just like to ask myself the tough questions so I’m sure I’m on the right track.

The practice of Mystical Oneness is far more practical, livable, and achievable than any other non-dual teaching I’ve come across. Most non-dual practices focus primarily on the Emptiness quality (the mental/theoretical), and largely ignore the Radiant (emotional) and Eternal (applied).

Most non-dual practices simply aren’t real-world practices—not to the extent that MO is. You can only take Emptiness so far in the real world before its idealism collapses. Because MO is so practical and authentic, it not only benefits the practitioner, but also those whom the practitioner interacts with. It automatically helps others.

No, I’m not criticizing MO nor thinking of changing it. I’m just contemplating a broader strategy than I was a few days ago.

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