A New Day

This Morning's Light

This Morning’s Light

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—It is a new day and, like the end of any unhealthy relationship, I’m filled with that odd mixture of both melancholy and relief.

As I posted on the NonAbusers blog, sometimes we have to hurt others in the short term, for everyone to benefit in the long term.

If a relationship is unhealthy, then we must either heal it or leave it; for the alternative is dark and negative and filled with spite.

For the spiritual seekers remaining on this blog, what I hope is that we now share some common ground on what it means to be a Mystic:

  • Talking It: The discussion of Mystical Oneness.
  • Walking It: Living Mystical Oneness.
  • Showing It: Our willingness for transparency.

I had originally thought that the only practical (and surprisingly convenient) way to demonstrate both Walking It and Showing It was to take the Vow of NonAbuse, but further reflection says there’s probably at least one other: When you post comments, include a link to your personal blog. Not just a teaching blog, but one that demonstrates you walk the talk. (For NonAbusers, feel free to post a link to your NA profile.)

Anyway, it’s a new day and it’s time to move forward.

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10 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. there is a nice glow of sun shining into the picture you’ve taken 🙂

    I’ve thought of developing a blog for myself but I’m not much of a blogger so I don’t know how it will go. Keeping on top of posts, recording my journey seems to have been hard in the past. A life full of activities coming in to act upon and little time to focus on the Path i have chosen. This means i have not done much in the way of travelling that path lately however that doesn’t mean i’ve stopped moving. Reading your blog and observing myself and other on a day to day basis + keeping in mind the Divine has meant ive not stopped but i have de accelerated to the speed of a snail or slower. I have noticed i could do with upping efforts again but I have life times to keep on growing and will not force the time into this life but let it flow in of its own accord. Which I’ve been observing and have seen and believe it is making its move.

    I have started the development of a blog over this last week and it is no where near ready for uploading.

    Yahwah Bless Amen.

    • The name of the blog I’m developing is “The Divine and I” “The relationship between myself and The Divine”.

      I know i could install wp onto the hosting and have it up and running in a day however my work is web dev and would benefit from the classes i would make in doing it myself.

    • Learning how to code websites is a great skill to have, and coding a blog is a great way to learn (all the programming languages I use now were self-taught—the ones I learned in school are ancient history (cobol, fortran, assembler)).

      • I’ve dabbled in coding for a while web for a long while other languages such as C/C++/C# while studying Computer Game Arts at uni. I’m setting in on web HTML/CSS/PHP/jQuery and MySQL as a ‘career’ hopefully with the internet and my laptop I can go around the world. Seek out friend who have moved and time to cover ground I’ve not had time for lately.

        Yahwah Bless Amen.

        note: who knows how long it’ll take me to get the blog up, i have a contract to develop a website for a judo instructor at the moment and am working part time while updating my archive of base files for websites.

  2. I’m relieved to see that you have come to the conclusion that there might be more than one way to Walk It and Show It than taking the Vow of Non-Abuse, which the Anarchist in me declined to do.

    When I exclusively followed the path of Christianity, I declined to wear a cross because I thought that my actions should reflect my beliefs – that if I needed a cross to remind myself and others, then I wasn’t much of a Christian.

    When I was married (until I was widowed), I declined to wear a ring for similar reasons. If a ring was needed to show I was married rather than how I behaved, I felt it wasn’t much of a marriage.

    I declined to publicly post a vow of non-abuse. While there is something to be said for going public and the invitation to be held accountable (and to hold one’s self accountable), I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves.

    And you would have had to throw me out of your cadre of readers, I too much appreciate reading about your journey to unsubscribe voluntarily. So far. 😉

    You are all welcome to visit and explore my blog at http://susantblake.com. I have been dealing with some technical issues that kept me from posting new pieces until just recently, so please forgive the stale date on my last post.


  3. Sometime follower for about two years. Appreciator of your photos; appreciator of your mysticism, personal growth and solitude and peace.

    Unexpected turn here, especially with the return of your announcement that you’ll be leaving the planet if your financial resources are depleted.

    When one includes a ‘donate’ button on his/her blog and then announces that he/she will be ending this incarnation if/when financial sustainability ends, is this not passive/aggressive “abuse”?

    I wish you peace; I send you love. But, no, I see no reason to make a vow. And, yes, I support the idea of doing no harm.

    You seem to have in great proportion returned to your mind.

    • Two years is a long time for things to go right. 🙂 The donation button has been up there for years, nothing new there.

      As for the mind, everything in balance: physical, emotional, mental, Soul, Radiance, AND Emptiness.

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