A Reminder

The View Out My Window As I Write This Post

The View Out My Window As I Write This Post

SOME PARK NEAR THE COLUMBIA RIVER, OR—My relationship with my client (whom I’ve known for about 20 years) is probably at an all time low (his words). One of the downsides of living as a Soul is that normal people will never understand you, and, when they want something from you, they’ll get very PO’d when typical techniques to sway you (guilt, pressure, anger, coercion, etc.) don’t work. It’s not their fault, your value system just doesn’t jive with theirs, so they don’t know how to deal with you since they don’t have anything to hold over you. What is important to them simply isn’t important to you, and vice-versa. As I say, it’s one of the (few) problems of living as an eternal being.

So after receiving a particularly anger-filled email I hopped in the van and I drifted and I thought and I drifted some more and then—less than an hour ago—I saw a marina that didn’t look particularly interesting, but She tugged at me and I pulled in. I drove around the parking lot, not seeing anything of importance, then parked and walked over to use the restroom and a guy I hadn’t noticed before asked if I had a crescent wrench and we fiddled with his battery cables and tried to jump him and we couldn’t get his truck started and I was struck by how much he reminded me of my friend Randy, even driving the same model truck, an old Ford Ranger. Fortunately, he had a manual transmission, so I gave him a push down the slight hill and it started right up. He waved and smiled and thanked me and drove away.

I used the restroom, hopped in my van and drove off, feeling like some mobile mechanic that had just finished up on a call—but in this case, it was a call from Her: “Turn here, help that man. See? I’m still here. Thanks.”

After all the drama with my client today, this out of the blue, directed event, was a powerful reminder that She’s here and present and operating behind the scenes.

Which is exactly the message I needed to hear—and right when I needed to hear it.

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12 thoughts on “A Reminder

  1. Man these traffic analogies really work for me. My bike broke down recently on the D58 in France. I was a mile away from the WW1 cemetery of Villers-au-Bois. I was happy because the countryside was beautiful and no-one was shooting at me (not sure if there was any karma involved but there was some resonance whatever). However I digress. The word which comes out at me from this is ‘primitive’. Once you reach a certain level, the way many people behave just looks primitive.

  2. Wayne,
    When you received the anger filled email did you have any immediate emotional reaction? Any physical sensation or thoughts of resistance?

  3. That makes sense. But looking closer at sadness. Does that not imply a sense of loss? Even if the loss is only harmony in a working relationship?

    • Doesn’t matter. Imagine you were the most enlightened being on the planet. You see a little puppy get hit by a truck and is suffering miserably. Are you detached and unaffected? Sadness is sadness.

    • Yes. But a key difference than what it used to be—when I was the “personal self”—is that sadness is exclusively empathic (felt for others, not for myself). The sadness I felt (mentioned above) was for my client, not for myself, since I was causing him grief… and fully expected to cause him even more if I quit (which I ended up doing).

  4. Wow, that is really a powerful revelation for me. That kind of clarity and communication from you is what makes this blog so precious. Thanks Wayne.

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