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The Field

The Field

CLARKSTON, WA—One of the major advantages to van dwelling (versus typical RV- or trailer-based nomading) is that you know ahead of time that you will find a place to crash for the night no matter where you find yourself—no pre-planning is required, no stress, no energy drain. Pick a direction and go.

On the days leading up to the Labor Day weekend, practically all full-time (non-van dwelling) nomads “go to ground,” claiming a space as their own until the busy weekend is over. This sort of short-term squatting isn’t an issue for a van dweller.

I am, and have been, using the long weekend holiday meandering along beautiful scenic routes (routes where almost all camping areas are filled to capacity) to relocate to a new region where I’ll start my fall migration southward. After I upload this post, the plan is to travel along US 2, which parallels the Clearwater River though Idaho, and on toward Missoula, Montana. Years ago I travelled this route and, as I recall, it was quite beautiful.

Unfortunately, the Clearwater and Lolo national forests are also a cellular dead zone, so, depending on how long I find myself there, I’ll be off the air until I reach the Missoula side some 200 miles away.

Like my van dwelling life where I shift plans and directions constantly and travel wherever I’m pulled at the moment, my creative life has also been pulling me in multiple directions of late:

  • The Awakening of a Mystic book, a historical account from the time between Fading Toward Enlightenment and full integration of Mystical Oneness (around the time of the paradox insight). I don’t particularly like spending time on past events, but I feel it’s necessary in this case to establish my credentials for future works.
  • Spec-ing out a strategy for new students involving an integrated approach to the three qualities (as opposed to one at a time as I did with Michelle) while also requiring them to blog publicly about their experiences (much as I did in my seeker days). If you are interested in becoming a student, please do not start a blog yet, as I’m still working out the details.
  • And a radical and personal experiment in the surrender of non-instinctual self-concerns to overcome deeply ingrained conditioning. This is something I’m doing for my own development, but am already seeing some interesting side effects.

So while offline, I’ll do what I always do in these cases of high creativity: I’ll listen for Her whispers and flow with the Stream.

See you on the other side.

Side note: Just a few minutes ago, I got a message from Michelle (who I hadn’t heard from over the weekend) of her struggles with self-concern while camping. This (unbeknownst to me) was mirrored in my life the last couple days and inspired the third creative direction mentioned above. Bizarre but true. More evidence of the Divine working behind the scenes and the fabled student/”guru” mystical connection.

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  1. Hi Wayne.
    It’s Clarkston. I grew up across the river in Lewiston. Honk as you pass by Lenore on the way to Montana, my dad still lives there.

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