Silent Forest

Silent Forest

SHAVER LAKE, CA—Thursday, while in Fresno, I looked up the weather for Shaver Lake and saw rain on Saturday and snow on Monday. Still not sure where to go though, I flipped my coin and She said to head back up the mountain. Didn’t make sense to me, but I figured She had something for me to do up there or some lesson to teach me. So I told myself I’d spend a few days there then drive back down before the snow fell.

(I know how crazy the above sounds, but without a personal self—with almost no personal self-interest—what difference does it make where I go or what I do?)

Forecast: Rain Saturday night. Snow Monday afternoon.

I assumed the weather reports would be correct. That by “rain” they meant rain.

Being a complete snow noob, I learned a lot this morning (Sunday) when I awoke to about four inches of snow covering everything from last night (Saturday night… snow, not rain): How wet it makes the interior of the van when you track it in, how it sticks to stuff, how brutally cold it makes your fingers when clearing your windshield, how you can drive in four inches quite easily. Most importantly I learned not to trust mountain weather reports—to not assume they are going to be accurate.

So maybe that’s what She had in mind for me—to teach me the basics of snow. But assumptions are what She had in mind for you.

When it comes to inner peace, there are some key assumptions which often make peoples lives miserable—or as the Buddha would say, lead to suffering.

Here are a few:

  • The assumption that your story (history) is a part of you
  • The assumption that your thoughts are a part of you
  • The assumption that your body is a part of you
  • The assumption that when your body dies, you die

Each of the above is an incorrect assumption, yet most people believe them to be facts.

They are not facts—they are beliefs.

Beliefs that aren’t even true.

Believing in them has cause immeasurable suffering. Global suffering. Historic suffering.

Totally unnecessary suffering.

The first three assumptions can be seen through by realizing that You experience these things—that there are two things involved: You and that which you experience. Two things… Two. Separate. Things. You the experiencer… and that which you experience (your memories/history/story, your thoughts, your body).

The last assumption—that death isn’t what it appears—simply takes a little research.

Look deeply. Examine the above. Root out and question your assumptions.

You’ll be glad you did.

Serenity in the Snow

Serenity in the Snow

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7 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. You should live in New Hampshire like I do, noob. You’d not need snow enlightment at all. And was it really SHE who decided your readers needed to learn about what assumptions make of us? 😉

    • Thanks Mikel. I love NH! Don’t like snow too much though. 🙁

      The snow made me realize I’d made an assumption about mountain weather which got me thinking about assumptions about spirituality/suffering which led to this post. So I’ll take it as Her influence. 🙂

  2. Such beautiful pictures Wayne!! I can feel the serenity of the silent forest…wish I was there BUT I know how COLD it can get in a van in that scenario…my van does not have a heater so I have been in 20+F rain/snowy days and I suffered!! But the experience itself is so amazing…and thank you for reminding us of the unreality of assumptions…Keep warm and enjoy the moment.Love and much peace FOR NO ONE…gypsymaggie

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