Boys Will Be Boys

View From My (New) Shaver Lake Camp

View From My (New) Shaver Lake Camp

SHAVER LAKE, CA—I left the Sequoia National Park/Forest and crashed for the night at a little pull off by the side of the road. The next morning, after flipping the coin I headed into Fresno and caught a movie. A coin flip later and I was heading out again and climbing back into the mountains to try to find a spot Bob Wells had mentioned on his blog.

Apparently, I made a wrong turn and found myself at—unbeknownst to me at the time—the local nighttime hangout for the teens in the area. If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you know the kind of place: Hidden, isolated, and a place where the boys will be boys and the girls will to try to keep them from becoming men.

So around midnight, I wake to the deep bass thudding of a car stereo and four pick up trucks and the tittering of girls trying to keep the boys boys and a roaring campfire about 50 yards away. The stereo wasn’t too loud though, so, living from acceptance, I tried to fall back asleep, even though my mind said, “Boys will be boys and you just know after a couple beers they are going to come over and check out the van, thinking it is deserted, and dot dot dot” and all those late night thoughts that minds think in strange places on dark nights with bright moons, and I said to my damn mind, “No! She’ll take care of you” and tried to go back to sleep.

About a half-hour later they started shooting their guns off into the darkness and my mind said, “They’re not going to let you sleep” and for once I agreed with him, so I started the engine, and pulled out, and drove around in the dark until I found a quiet road with a bunch of empty lots and—with my I’m-a-construction-worker ladder facing the street—parked in front of a partially built house and went back to sleep.

Just another day and a night in the life of a mystic being a drifter in strange places on dark nights with bright moons.

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2 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Tickled at how your “Divine” voice is Feminine. And when you address the alternative within, it’s Masculine.

    In this dualist if world …SHE is Godly…HE, ain’t.

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