Changing Direction

Two Vans. Two Homes.

Two Vans. Two Homes.

East of YUMA, AZ—Having spent some time with Boonie and Randy and Glenn and Brad in Yuma (man, we need some women), I headed west out into the desert for some solitude, but was soon contacted by Glenn who, having left the group a couple days before, had found a beautiful camp up in the Muggins Mountains east of town. So after only one night in the desert, I broke camp, changed direction, and headed back the way I came.

By a weird “coincidence,” a change of direction seems to be on the minds of all five of us: Boonie is contemplating his next rig, Randy is contemplating a new caravan concept (I’ve suggested a mobile art colony or altruistic volunteer group), Brad has just started out full-time nomading (a huge lifestyle change), and both Glenn and I are contemplating new directions in which to take our blogs.

So as the day faded to twilight and the mountain range subtly shifted colors and the cloud-filled sky went from light to dark to aglow, Glenn and I sat in our camp chairs, wondered why everyone doesn’t live this way, and talked about our blogs and what we’d like to see done with them.

As for this blog, I’d like to stop spending so much time on theories and more on application. Less on spiritual information and more on spiritual experiences. More on the lived, less on the thought.

So what I’m thinking (damn mind), what I’d like to do, is to write a few min-ebooks on the deeper or more detailed stuff (ie: How To Love Everyone, You As Consciousness, …) and keep the blog posts lighter and shorter. Posts that are easier to read with your morning coffee. When you want the deeper stuff, you can download one of the min-ebooks and read it at your leisure.

I’ll still be posting what’s on my mind here—theories and plans and insights—but I’m going to try to keep those posts short and sweet.

That’s my goal anyway, but you know how that goes—best laid plans and all. See? This post is already too long. Who the hell’s running things here?


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10 thoughts on “Changing Direction

  1. As we have discussed before, without LOVE, there’s not really much to get excited about. S’funny, ‘I’ have been running an (‘anonymous’ hehe 😉 Twitter account for some time throwing out the odd insight to the World. Not sure if it helps anyone – maybe keeps track of what’s going on with me ? – but if it helps just one person, as they say… That said, from my viewpoint it ain’t about ‘saving The World’- except insofar perhaps as changing yourself may ‘help’.

  2. I thought of living this way when I started on my first job and started to earn money. I imagined buying a truck and living in it and still going to work at the same accounting firm I was working at. I didn’t think of going to the mountains yet at the time. That was over 25 years ago. I’m in the process of leaving my residence for the last 11 1/2 years and still haven’t decided which direction to head out.

    It’s perfect that not everyone lives this way. There’s no need for everyone to all be the same. Aren’t we already the same and living as we should be?

    • “Why doesn’t everyone live this way?” Said more in jest than seriousness. Everyone’s values are different and thus their decisions are.

      As to your decision of what to do after 11.5 years, maybe this will help: “No direction/decision is permanent.” Kinda takes the pressure off. 🙂

      Welcome to the blog Dino.

      • Wayne,

        Thank you. I’m grateful to have come across the videos you made. I remember watching one of them over a year ago and brushing it aside. Here we are now and I’ve watched and listened to every single one of your video. I would like to communicate with someone like you who is already “there”, whatever that means. I wish I could find someone here in Toronto. Can I contact you directly regarding questions?



  3. Just found your blog. We also have a Nissan NV which we converted to a homemade camper. We love it! It has seen several different florplans and we are again reworking it before our travel season begins. Had fun last month at Quartzsite. More pics of our conversion can be found at FB under Nissan NV Camper Van. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

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