Confusing Thoughts With Reality

On a Rock In a Stream In a Forest

On a Rock In a Stream In a Forest

SOMEWHERE IN THE SIERRAS, CA—Having fled the snows higher up, I sat by a stream in the Sierras and contemplated an email I had received criticizing my previous post.

In his email, he said that, seen from a high enough perspective, all the streams and rivers and oceans were really just one body of water. He used this imagery as an analogy that we are really just One Consciousness and it was silly to break it down into all those parts.

I sat on a rock in the sun and looked down into the running water. I inhaled and exhaled and pulled away the hard Wayne-thing and expanded into Emptiness.

Without any boundaries, everything I saw was at once outside of me, inside of me, and as me. No self boundaries—no boundaries at all—does that to you.

“I call bullshit,” I said out loud. The ocean wasn’t inside me, because I couldn’t see the ocean. There was no “one body of water” because I wasn’t seeing the Earth from that high of a perspective. What I did see was me-as-a-stream flowing through me-as-a-bank in me-as-a-forest. Separate but One. What I could see—what I was—was unfiltered, untainted Reality.

When in Emptiness, there IS a “one consciousness” (lower case, nothing special) but it doesn’t include you (yes, you the reader). In Emptiness, there is only me-the-witness-of-me. Anything outside of my vision or felt sensation doesn’t exist. Girls from my past are just a thought. Jupiter is just a thought. Outer space is just a thought. The concept of one global body of water or One Universal Consciousness is just a thought.

In Emptiness, if it is not an experienced physical thing, then it is just a thought: The rock is real, the stream is real, the forest is real. All of those are both separate and a part of me, but Jupiter—not being seen or experienced—is not. Since I’m not seeing it, Jupiter is just a thought.

In Emptiness, where all boundaries are recognized as mind-generated, this becomes brilliantly clear. Thoughts are recognized as just noise in the head. Thoughts are not Reality.

In day-to-day life it is very easy to confuse thoughts with Reality. I still do it at least a dozen times a day. The author of the email was doing it, speaking from rational thoughts and not lived experience. I’m not blaming him or have any hard feelings toward him, people confuse their thoughts with Truth all the time.

There’s a simple test you can do to see if you are confusing thoughts with Reality. Ask yourself, “Right now, is what I am thinking also what I am physically experiencing?”

The reason the ego is not real is because the ego is made entirely of thoughts… thoughts which are mistaken for “the real me.”

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12 thoughts on “Confusing Thoughts With Reality

  1. I like your perspective on thoughts/ego/reality and will give it a try. My thoughts trip me up frequently.

  2. So what your saying is, I’m just a thought to you? that I am not real?

    What about God, have you ever seen God? I know I haven’t so that just makes God a thought. God forgive me. God is not just a thought, I’ll take the works of God as evidence to her being more than a thought.

    There is consciousness and what it perceives, for each point of consciousness the universe is perceived. Not one atom is left out, no wave in the ocean, no rock in river. Everything is perceived by something, so you can’t see it but something can.

    The One body of water is conscious of all its parts, each smaller part is conscious of all its part, each smaller part again is conscious of its smaller parts for infinite getting smaller and getting bigger.

    This is a theory in progress, I’ve still yet to explore every corner.

    Is what im thinking about, what im experiencing? yes.

    Yahwah, Bless, Amen.

    • Sorry for the confusion Nathan.

      1> Don’t take me out of context. I was speaking from Emptiness. In Emptiness, if it isn’t right there in front of you, it is simply a thought. I don’t live in Emptiness exclusively, nor any of the selves exclusively. If you don’t understand that I believe we flow between the different selves, then your wasting your time here.

      2> Just because it is a thought doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It just means it is a belief.

      3> I don’t subscribe to an all or nothing approach. I pointed you to the Paradox and your response was that you don’t believe in it. If you can’t get past the flowing, all inclusive nature of what I speak of, what I experience, and what I relate on this blog, then you’d probably do better on the typical nondual sites (just search ‘nondual theory’ or ‘nondual teachers’). Lots of wonderful belief systems supported by rational thought (though little lived, applied experiences).

  3. hi wayne, hi everyone, been a while.

    i used to meditate a lot. i clocked up a conservative 7000 hours in 20 odd years. that excludes organised retreats of which i did many. 7000 hours is just me sitting at home. i was a yogi with a tibetan teacher and had initiations, personal instructions and all the rest. it was fun, torturous, incredible, spiritual, powerful and… it’s over.

    but, i was/am a very good meditator and it’s good for one thing.

    getting to know your thoughts.

    i think you are right, wayne. thoughts are thoughts is all. reality is reality.

    whenever i got carried away by some thought story or another whilst meditating, i used to ask myself, if i was mindful that i was in a story, “where does it hurt?”. it was usually my right knee. i did full lotus. it hurt there. that snapped me out of it. pain is real, reality is real, thoughts are thoughts.

    finally, they are nothing at all.


  4. I offer a different perspective on reality/thoughts. A girl from the past is a memory. Anything experienced is a memory which can be recalled and re viewed in all it’s aspects.
    A thought is potential. A thought can be impinged upon the physical universe as action. Before any action can take place one first has to postulate that action in the form of a thought. Try to pick up a stone without first having the thought of picking up the stone. Sit and think of completely nothing and nothing will happen. A thought is the spiritual precursor to action and the resulting command to the body by the spiritual host of that body.

  5. thoughts and reality are not separate, mutually interdependent and useful in the construct were experiencing/ perceiving through. observe your nature pic above for instance, i see chemtrails checkered all over the sky, blanketing our “reality” with toxins. my thoughts may or may not lead to action, which perhaps shifts my reality as conscious observation. my friends and i have transmuted our toxic polluted skies with thoughts and prayer alone, dissipating/ dissolving this geo-engineered experiment into pure oxygen – which is only real relative to our physical reality. consciousness itself is self abiding, needs nothing at all. if thoughts lead to result thru action, it is real?? answering a thought with another thought only leads to more thoughts, ad infinitum. at some point, we all take the leap… just a thought lol.

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