Evergreens and Aspens

Evergreens and Aspens

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR OVERLOOK, UT—I made camp last night up in the Uinita National Forest. It’s a beautiful area along the Mirror Lake scenic byway in Utah (SR 150), especially with all the aspens turning from green to yellow to red. I love the freedom this van offers—no pre-planning, just go wherever you want, and camp wherever your van will fit.

With no internet connection and no distractions, it gave me time to think about this new idea I’ve been wrestling with—an idea that has nothing to do with spirituality, Mystical Oneness or students (ergo the dilemma).

I wouldn’t be much of a Mystic though, if I were to ignore Her whispers of late:

Translation: From the Eternal perspective (a Mystic’s “95 year-old Wayne”), what’s the risk? Unexpected example of verbal abuse. Unexpected example of physical abuse.

That’s loud enough for me.

My idea has to do with abuse and what I hope is a practical way of curbing it.

A way that anyone can apply.

A way that starts from within.

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5 thoughts on “Decision

  1. If I recall correctly, I even believe this “story theme” goes a bit further back for you? A recurring theme perhaps? A pivotal point for you between an old boss and the open road? I would imagine the hindsight of that transition afterwards and it’s unfolding and opening has it’s own tale to tell as well for what it brought about in the flowering of consciousness?

      • I’m sorry for being vague and unclear. There was a post about a boss you had at one point that tried to be verbally abusive, tried to use anger to get what he wanted. The post was about how people try to use those tactics and find frustration when they don’t work on someone at a certain point of awakening. You had him as a boss for a long time if I recall. You ended up leaving and going out on the open road and letting him no you were parting ways if I remember correctly. SO it just sort of rang a bell for me and seemed to have a taste of occurrence to your experiences as though spirit wanted you to have that continued encounter for this very purpose?

  2. That’s a wonderful idea, it would be useful to many people (including me).
    (I recently was interested in martial arts, especially Aikido, but that’s just an interest, not practice. However, Aikido has a deep basis in spirituality.)
    Of course, there’s a need for some quite new solution for abuse…

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