Do You Need Your Self?

The Love of Flower For Light

The Love of Flower For Light

REDINGER LAKE, CA—The overcast light plays across the water and in return the lake gratefully reflects the forested shore and sky.

A gentle breeze blows and ripples form across the surface—the tiny waves shift elegantly in a vast and intricately coordinated dance.

I sit in the cargo door of my van and watch—fascinated… grateful.

Do I need a self here?

Right now, in this moment, do I need a self?

The other day this question came up in a dialog with Michelle. As soon as I/We/She asked it of her, I felt its power—understood its implications.

Years ago, Ramana Maharshi would have his students ask themselves over and over, “Who am I?”

But in over two decades of asking myself Who am I?, it never got me anywhere. It was too abstract, too cerebral for my tastes. A thought, without a lived application, is just part of the noise of the mind. Part of the trap. Part of the illusion.

To wake up, you must bring your contemplations to life—you must apply them

Right now, in this moment, do you need your self?

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5 thoughts on “Do You Need Your Self?

  1. Who’s doing the witnessing? It depends, does it “matter” or make a difference in your perception of reality? Like you said, it might satisfy our mental need for self acknowledgement, but spiritually we’ve known all along. 🙂

  2. If you take self as your ego self, yes you can live with out.

    If self is who you are, then who are you? can you really live without life??

    I am currently living with both and one must move out, but it can move out once it’s cleaned up it’s mess.

    • Good point Nathan (I really need a vocabulary page).

      By “self” (lowercase) I mean the ego/personal self.

      By “Self” (uppercase) I mean the Witness/Seer/Observer.

      By “No Self” (case insensitive) I mean no identity whatsoever.

      • I’d figured you where talking about self not Self. I will always try and point out which im reffering to as on my phone i will generally use all lowercase apart from odd occasions and after a. Fullstop when the phone auto uppercases the first character.

        A vocabulary page would be nice to see, would you put a defition to each word on the page or not?

        Plus i think i use different words to you here and there when they are the same thing, although im not sure how much is and can be different. One you may have noticed Her – Yahwah.

        Yahwah, bless, amen.

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