Don’t Try To Live As I Live

Out My Window

Out My Window

BLM Land Near KOFA NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, AZ—I sit in my rig, in the desert, near some mountains and take a break from writing code to look out at the view and contemplate some questions I’ve received recently from readers asking for advice on Life’s direction or how to live Life more in harmony with TaoGodHer—to live a life “less of you.”

Don’t try to live as I live—try to see what I see.

Try to value—try to enhance and hold dear—that which I value. After all, that’s probably what attracted you to this blog in the first place.

Instead of trying to live the way I live, try to see and appreciate the values that I value: Love, Stillness, Surrender, Simplicity, TaoGodHer, ….

Once you recognize and see the benefits of these values, it is then simply a matter of practicing them:

  1. Set aside a daily “quiet time” to contemplate or research these values
  2. Practice and apply them while interacting with others

Each person’s path is different, but if we value the Good and the Pure and the True—and practice living those values—then spiritual growth and inner harmony are inevitable.

You don’t need to change your life, you just need to change what your life focus is on.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Try To Live As I Live

  1. What you do in this life should be a natural expression of who you are. What you are is prior to any thought about it–it just is as it is. If your life focus takes the form of nomadic photographer/ blogger that is very cool. Constant validation from strangers. Totally free yet connected to the world. Why aren’t there more nomads? Most people prefer having roots in a community. They take comfort in the stable sameness of a fixed location. They need to work at a regular job to pay the rent, make car payments, buy food, go on dates, get married, have kids, save for retirement, etc. They see no romance in being always on the road. They have no aspirations to be the next Kerouac or mysterious, hip artist/poet/guru. Their photographic talents are limited to cellphone selfies posted on Facebook. They may live their whole lives never realizing who or what they really are and just settle for the culturally supported conceptual version. They wallow in the bliss of ignorance and medicate to ease the gnawing ache of spiritual emptiness. Living the dream inside the dream…

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