Eroding The Ego

Soft Needles

Soft Needles

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Though it is getting colder, I’m still in Flagstaff awaiting a couple of things: Some NonAbusers shirts and my vehicle registration. An odd feature of the nomadic life is that, while mail magically appears out of thin air for most, for nomads we have to go out of our way to receive it.

Everything has a cost, but as for everything of value, a little pain is worth it.

Here’s the thing: From what I can tell, a little pain is a requirement for any worthwhile growth, whether that growth is financial, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.

I was exchanging emails the other day with a long-time reader (I’ll leave his name out as he doesn’t appear to mention it on his site) about how a personal blog—even an anonymous one—acts as an excellent tool for eroding the ego. Oddly enough, confessing your humanity publicly—confessing how you are pretty much like everyone else on the planet—is painful to the ego.

How odd is that? “I am a lot like everyone else and my ego hates it.”

Your ego wants you to be perfect, but, ironically, it won’t let you be perfect. Why? Because it is afraid of failing, so it does everything in its power to keep you from even trying.

As I recently found out, a lot of people are resistant to taking a simple vow to no longer intentionally harm others. This resistance boggled my mind, but as I discovered, this resistance is because their ego fears they will someday break the vow—that they will fail to be perfect.

This is the same reason why people talk about their spiritual beliefs, but don’t walk them: Their egos don’t want them to fail at living up to them.

If you want to weaken your ego, if you want to be closer to the Divine, if you want less of you and more of Her, … then you have to be willing to confront your ego head-on.

You have to be willing to fail.

For any serious growth to occur in your life, you ARE going to fail and it IS going to hurt.


But you will also grow and thrive and reap all the benefits of living authentically. You will fail repeatedly, but you will also live true.

The smart man has books. The wise man has scars.

And I’ll take those scars any day of the week.

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  1. Andrew Bartzis teaches Revocations to remove the bindings from simple vows we made in the past that bind us forever. That leaves us free to make choices in the now. I have no blog of my own to post for access. I would if I did.

  2. Hey,

    update on my blog: I’ve not touched building my blog any further I am hoping to squeeze some time in soon.

    change in plan i’ll email you.

    Yahwah Bless Amen.

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