Evidence Of The Divine

Dam at Redinger Lake

Dam at Redinger Lake

REDINGER LAKE, CA—In the morning, the sky lightens and the wind picks up and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore wakes me. Near the dam, a flock of small birds sweep and soar over the water’s surface, capturing their breakfast. I look out at the forest and take in the beauty and wonder of the natural perfection of it all.

The other day, She said, “This is the makings of the Divine.”

I have thought about that statement a lot since then.

I’m reading a book, One Mind, and while I’m not finished with it, it provides some of the most powerful evidence of TaoGodHer (what the author calls One Mind) that I have ever come across.

To prove his theory of the One Mind, he presents overwhelming evidence in the form of studies, reports, and news stories on such topics as Near Death Experiences, Remote Viewing, Reincarnation, ESP among Primitive Cultures, Savants, Separated Identical Twins, Synchronicity, Distance Healing…. Not just woo-woo claims, but documented evidence and research. Events that are made possible by a connection to a higher, all-knowing, all-powerful intelligence.

Taken individually, you’d be justified in being skeptical, but taken as a whole—a huge amount of evidence from a wide range of sources—well, if you’ve ever had doubts about what I call TaoGodHer before, I suspect this book will put an end to them.

I recommend One Mind to everyone to whom my message resonates: That we are both separate but one with some greater, vaster intelligence.

Powerful stuff.

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  1. Hi Wayne…I always wonder that what is it make ur photos extraordinary and so mystical..is it b’ças u r a mystic 🙂

    what do u do with ur snaps ?

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