Flowing. Rolling. Acceptance.

The Path to the Falls

The Path to the Falls

NE MT. HOOD SITE #2—When you think about it, acceptance—a spiritual term ironically filled with all sorts of self-judgement—is almost like the phrase rolling with it.

Rolling with it. I like that better—but not enough.

What I really like, is flowing with it.

I drove into Portland early yesterday to have the Nissan dealer order a couple parts for my van: the door handle I snapped off a couple months back and the cargo door step liner which had developed a crack.

The parts guy poked at his computer and said, “We should have these in tomorrow,” and I thought, “Cool,” because I expected the step liner to take three or four days.

“Oh wait,” he said. “No, it looks like two weeks. The one part has to be shipped all the way from Tennessee.”

“Miserable,” I thought, “but OK. I’ll deal with it. I’ll hang out in the area.” Acceptance. Not happy about it, but I’m not going to fight it. Acceptance.

So I went to catch a movie, but the movie I wanted to see wasn’t in the area so I saw another that looked good and it was fine and I enjoyed it and it was cool inside the theater while the sun broiled the pavement outside. Rolling with it.

The next morning—this morning—I decided to head back up my mountain because it was too hot down in the city, so I took the scenic waterfall route and it was beautiful, so beautiful, and I was One with the experience, capital-O One with it, but practically every parking spot at each of the falls was filled and I smiled and I flowed right on by while making a mental note to get an earlier start the next time. Flowing with it.

Acceptance usually arises from Resistance (Me-me-me. Damn-it. Whatever).

Rolling with it usually arises from Compromise (Me… Oh. Alright, that’ll do).

But flowing with it, ahh…

Flowing with it always arises from Being (The One and the Two in harmony).

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6 thoughts on “Flowing. Rolling. Acceptance.

  1. Last week and this week–panicking over how “the state” and “insurance companies” will interpret events in our behavioral health agency. A wrong interpretation could cause our business serious contractual problems….. But I know we’re doing the right things right, so I decided to flow with whatever they want to say. I make my case–as best as I can–then let it go. Just let it go. I don’t have control over their minds–only over my own expectations.


  2. Of course Acceptance is the best policy for so many of the irritating things that we can’t do anything about. Otherwise we would wear ourselves out and accomplish nothing.

    But isn’t it possible for Acceptance to become a positive-sounding, Valium-capsule-like disguise for Habitual Defeatism, in which a person fails to grapple with the situations that are under SOME personal control?

  3. Wayne, I hit the link above to your “Paradox” post from two years ago, and found the following passage very insightful and helpful:

    “The Mystic flows between the two contradictory Truths of Oneness and Separation. Neither Truth is greater than the other. Each Truth is equally valid. Each Truth is equally true.

    The Mystic recognizes that the space between these two Truths is actually the source of these Truths and that to live authentically, he must transcend these truths and live in the space between.”

    It seems that trying to resist and reject the truth of Separation keeps getting me locked up within it, wondering what could be the substance of the bars holding me in.

    And trying to grasp and hold onto the truth of Oneness keeps getting me locked out of it, wondering what could be the substance of the bars keeping me out.

    Here I am, in between, right where I need to be… but “imbued” with the concepts of “in” and “out” rather than being imbued with Being!

    Obviously, “trying” runs counter to the concept of flowing. Unlike me, water “knows” it can’t flow uphill, so it doesn’t bother trying.

  4. Wayne, I love your distinctions. As a part-time Lyft driver, the phrase “roll with it” might seem more appropriate, yet I see that what I’ve called Acceptance is my passive response to resistance, which always entails some initial hurt. So tonight I will drive with the intention of being in the presence and just Flowing with it.
    Ahhh, yes. That feels more like it 🙂

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