Four Breakthroughs

The Clouds Clearing On Mt. Hood

The Clouds Clearing On Mt. Hood

NE MT. HOOD—I closed the laptop after uploading yesterday’s post and felt released. “We’re done here,” She said, and I drove off from this rain soaked but beautiful place.

Six months ago, I had told my nomadic friends that I was heading to the Northwest, that I had to go back to “my mountain.”  I didn’t know why, just that I was drawn. And when I finally arrived in Portland, though I wanted to spend some time there, She pushed me on, “No. Keep going.”

She had dragged me back and forth between the Mountain and the Dam three times in the last two weeks, back to the places where my ego shattered nearly five years ago. My mind didn’t understand why, but I’ve learned the lesson of Surrender so I did what She said and it felt good.

As a result of this stormy period, a period of both intense weather and intense emotional energy, four breakthroughs occurred, three completely unexpected. All made aware to me over the course of only a few hours:

  • Michelle, though she still has hell to pay in her struggles with her ego, is now in a form of “tumble mode.” With the awakening of the Divine within, her ego is doomed. Nothing can resist the Light for long. I see the Michelle I’ve consoled over the last three years as a dry and dusty husk of what she has now become… and of what she is becoming.
  • The realization that I should be helping others awaken the Divine within—rather than focusing on their enlightenment—has left me with a feeling of deep peace and comfort and a sense of purpose and direction. I had felt lost and adrift and aimless before, but now I feel the mist of uncertainty parting.
  • Jim, my client and friend, was going through hell just the day before, filled with doubts and dejection and indecision. Moments after arriving at my new camp, he called to relate a unique opportunity that had just fallen into his lap. An opportunity that by some miracle we were uniquely positioned to address with a mothballed component of our system. A component which only needed to be activated and tweaked to address this important moment. Jim, who has never been the least bit spiritual, confessed it felt like a miracle from Her (his word).
  • A few moments later, I received an email from a new reader Noah, who had sent in a nice donation earlier in the day, and was now explaining why: Something in a video or article of mine had stimulated what he called, “an unbelievable synchronicity of thoughts, emotions and external situations/inputs that suddenly and unexpectedly all converged to make something ‘happen’ last night.” Another breakthrough from someone I’ve never even spoken with before.

There is something more operating behind the perceptions of our minds and emotions and senses. There is an Intelligence at work that has our best interests at heart. An Intelligence that is happy to participate in our lives… if we are only willing to open the door and let Her in.

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