Getting Naked: Dropping Versus Resisting

The Road Ends At The Water

The Road Ends At The Water

EAGLE LAKE, CAMichelle’s concern of “what you resist, persists” and a number of emails I’ve received in the last 24 hours tells me I need to clarify something.

When I say, “Push away your thoughts” or “Pull away and drop the you-thing” or words to that effect, try to see it from my point of view: Thoughts and the Wayne-thing don’t feel like me—they don’t feel personal. To me, they feel a lot more like clothing than anything else.

Just like the ego (the sense of a personal self) clothes can feel very intimate and important.

But clothing isn’t you.

So when you are sitting in Radiance and trying to slide into Emptiness and you feel the Love flowing through you-as-the-portal (ego/self shell) and I say, “Pull away and drop the portal,” think of it as pulling away and dropping your clothes and revealing your True Naked Self.

You aren’t gaining anything. You aren’t taking on a new You. You are just becoming aware of what is: You are already beautifully, wonderfully, perfectly Naked under all those hot, heavy and stuffy clothes.

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