I AM the Code

The Path To The Light

The Path To The Light

NE MT. HOOD—The last few days I’ve been writing computer code. When you write code, you become the code—or more accurately—the code becomes the All.

Probably because of all this coding, the last few people I advised received a question like this:

When you write a letter, where are you?

I’m not talking physically, I’m talking about the perception of the thing you call “you.”

The you-thing kind of disappears doesn’t it? Same with a good movie or book. The “you” vanishes and all there is, is the experience.

Doesn’t the you-thing only exist when you think about yourself?

Remember the lesson of the Frog Master: You (you-the-ego) are nothing more than a bunch of thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “I AM the Code

  1. reminds me of a riddle, what if there was no physical reflection of you, no mirrors, cameras or still water to show? Then how would you know your true self if not for the experiences. Thinking grand thoughts of saving the world, lol or help out in any way “she” reveals.♥

  2. Coding, or any creative activity requiring intense concentration is active. Getting absorbed in a book or other form of entertainment also requires focus but is passive. You either dissappear by being present or by being still. Seems like inhaling and exhaling. What is the same in either case?

  3. “you-the-ego” are nothing more than bunch of images that has been created from thought process. It could be compared to object-oriented programming: the images are the objects, and thoughts are a constructors. Those images are waiting for “if” clause to be “activated”. Computer couldn’t change them unless programmer changes the code. In case of human being, I am curios, who is a PROGRAMMER?

    • $Answer = TaoGodHer->Karma->Soul->You();

      Probably more accurate (though less understood by non-programmers):

      $You = TaoGodHer->Soul($Karma); // You are the Soul part of TaoGodHer brought about by Karma.

      • $Answer //nice way of putting it.

        $You //($Karma) got me to stumble.

        Im thinking i might have a go at writing the functions out to view it better.

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