I Love You



OAK HARBOR, WA—I didn’t really need supplies, but She sent me shopping anyway. As I navigated my cart up a row, between an elderly mother(?) and her daughter(?), the daughter—hunched over—worriedly says into her phone, “I love you,” and out of my mouth pops, “Why, I love you too,” and mom tilts her head and smiles both sadly and gratefully and I place my hand on the daughter’s shoulder as I pass by and I hear behind me, “Thank-you. Oh god thank-you,” and I walk on.

I can’t take credit for these random acts of kindness (here and here and here and here, and …), She just drives me to places and says or does things before I even have a chance to react. It’s much like those nights in the casino (here and here)—it sounds kind of spooky, but it is really beautiful and I’m honored and grateful to be a part of it.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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3 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Oh yeah, I know her. She calls herself Grace, here, and she has a scent when she wants my attention, she speaks in biblical language I have to look up because I don’t know the stories, so I won’t mistake her for an imagining, and she leads me into the most extraordinary circumstances and then gurgles out of me in astonishing ways. She’s so running the show right now, that she is a constant giggle in my throat, and she’s dancing my feet everywhere. Isn’t life such fun when in tandem with Oneness?

  2. Well, I love you too Wayne!! Love your blog and follow with great interest how your new unknown direction is taking place.I feel they day will come when we spiritual practitioners will be sustained by Divine Providence alone (: and Her Love will be a constant sustenance…
    For years I have envisioned a practice where healing of the mind and a Teacher of God work will become a reality …to no avail…thanks to Her other income has been provided UNTIL 3 days ago while staying at my sister’s (and my partly own home) a situation presented itself out of nowhere..I was asked to give a “counseling” session to a neighbor with suicide situation…no other “professionals”were available near by and my medical doctor sister relayed the need to me and asked me if I was willing to do it since her medical practice does not cover such area of suicide attempts….emotional crisis…addiction related I/Her thought it was…and since it is my “expertise” along with my Spiritual angle on it, Her just said YES go…my FIRST opportunity to serve at that level…the one hour “session” went well since I ask for Help and offered my speaking to the Holy Spirit (my Course in Miracles practice kicked in (: and gladly to report the “patient” was fine at the end of our interaction, thanked me and asked me how much I charged????Her response was:Charge $50.00 per session…I did and they paid…later She advised: Charge under your umbrella as Reverend and Reiki Practitioner and you willhave no problem…It surely gave me the reassurance I was on the right footing and so it felt alright…Just one more “miraculous” event on how Divine P.acts out of nowhere…as all your happenings posted regularly…I am used to them by now and so are you…You will be guided in your new direction and I will follow the unraveling or not of new happenstances…Much Love…Maggie

  3. Lovely Wayne

    I am thinking that just because it’s legal you should not be hitting the weed so hard there. Keep it mellow but not over the top dude. A man in a van patting daughters and saying I love you might be a little creepy to some shoppers

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