Imaginary Self Boundaries

The Perfect Camp

The Perfect Camp

WICKIUP RESERVOIR, OR—I sat in the cargo door eating my sandwich while gazing across the lake at snow covered Maiden’s Peak while thinking about what I had read last night.

In Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership, Joseph Jaworski mentions two powerful events—events which are almost identical to my own experiences—and how the implications of them changed his life.

He talks of meeting a woman in Paris and describes almost exactly what I’ve referred to before as a sort of magical push/pull-of-souls-connecting quality to their encounter—as if there was something much more going on, some vast and incomprehensible Intelligence working behind the scenes.

He talks of stumbling across an ermine while out hiking and its odd behavior and the connection he felt with it. In describing this event he even uses the term oneness which is the title of a post I wrote regarding a similar encounter I had with some forest birds just prior to my own awakening.

These two events (along with several others) led to a radical change in his identity—a dramatic softening of his self-boundaries. From his book:

…and began to prepare me at a deep level to recognize the impermanence and transparency of boundaries in all other aspects of my existence.

Over time I came to see that the boundaries we create in this life are imaginary; they don’t exist, but we create them.

The encounter with the ermine was so important to me because it was the first time I had directly experienced the interrelatedness of the universe.

While practicing shifting from Radiance to Emptiness, you pull the portal (the felt sense of self) away and drop it. At that moment all self-boundaries disappear and you become at once both nothing and everything at the same time. I’m not talking mental gymnastics here. I’m not talking imagination. I’m talking of the lived and felt experience of you-without-boundaries (Emptiness).

To quote Michelle from a few days ago:

After some attempts to try to see and work with my self on this, I gave that up and focused on the emptiness. The phrase of “what lies beneath the Michelle noise” you mentioned was very helpful for this. Also the “you without boundaries” part. I was able to be more anchored in emptiness for longer. Helps not to think of going there but realizing that it IS there, or to ask myself what I am when I take this self thing away. It felt absolutely magnificent though… When I am anchored there. Magnificent.

I gave the “you without boundaries” advice to Michelle before even picking up Jaworski’s book, but as both Jaworski and Michelle realized, boundaries are imaginary and when we experience this directly it is going to change your life.

And as Michelle says, the boundary-less state is magnificent. Really magnificent.

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